Peace of Mind: 72 Hour Kits


We partnered up with Smith’s Marketplace to put together some ideas for 72-hour emergency kits! The goal was to stretch $100 to prove you don’t need a million bucks to survive. We were able to make 5 individual kits, incredible right?

The Contents:

We got 5 Zip Loc Giant bags in one box and that was our starting point. We then purchased some basic first aid, wipes, and long shelf life food- even the honest juice drinks had an expiration of December 2018.

Write your names and date you filled your bag and rotate your supplies every 6 months, this includes socks, shoes, clothes, diapers etc. Set your reminder on your cell phone.

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Also, load up a gas card and grocery card so that after the initial emergency you can fill up on things you may need from the stores. We anticipate that in 72 hours our local governments will be able to bring in major supplies for those who need them or offer shelter. We made this kit to get us through until help arrives. We recommend you reference the Center for Disease Control’s website to get more information on emergency preparedness.

We really got the luck of the draw with Smith’s. They had great prices on Kroger items, the tarp was only $5 and the red towels came in a big pack of 25. You can keep yourself clean and dry, have a place to rest or set up shelter. We also included ponchos, space bags,  and hand warmers. It was a divide and conquer set up so each package was broken up and separated to accommodate the 5 bags.

Make this a family affair! get your kids involved and talk them through what you are doing and how you are preparing. Heidi’s daughter had expressed concern earlier to Mom about what they would do if a hurricane happened, and this was part of the answer, a little 72 hour kit! Keep it by your bedside or in a coat closet, even in your vehicle. and then add a change of clothes and you are set!

We really appreciate the help of the Oren Family, Natalie Hansen, Adore Me Photography and Whitney Beth Photography for allowing us to document this important subject. And of course Smith’s Food and Drug and Smith’s Marketplace! PS. You can get many of the items on click list- teehee!

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