Karli and Trapper

kt-20Sometimes we got caught up in the ‘extravaganza’ of the big wedding day. We see on a daily basis budgets that are sky high and makes it seem as though all those elements are a must. However, after reading Karli and Trapper’s story and seeing their beautiful day, we are hooked on the low key, low stress wedding day you guys!


We interviewed Karli and here are the moments she shared with us.

Can you tell us a little more about your big day?

It really was the perfect wedding day. Everything was low stress, went according  to plan and ran super smooth. Everything turned out exactly the way I had envisioned it, and better. We got married in the late afternoon, so we had the whole morning to get ready and keep it low stress. Married in the Draper temple, and had a nice catered dinner celebration to celebrate with close family and friends. It was fancy and nice, but kept it low key and casual at the same time.


How did you meet the man of your dreams?

We met on Facebook. Haha. We had a lot of mutual friends, so we had both seen random pictures of each other via the newsfeed. He randomly messaged me via FB… told me he thought I was cute and that I should let him take me out sometime. I agreed and the rest was history.


When planning your wedding, what was your initial style and do you feel like it came to life when your day finally arrived?

We wanted it classy and nice, along with lower key, keeping it a smaller party and more intimate. And yes. We got what we wanted, spot on!


What were your top priorities?

Pictures!!! Pictures are the only thing that last from that exact day. It’s the one thing that you’ll keep forever, and go back to re look at and re live that day.


What was one of the  most memorable moments at your ceremony or reception?

When some of our close immediate family members got up to our surprise to each say a few words of love and warm wishes to us.

Thank you for allowing us to share your lovely day. Also thanks to Aubrey Taiese for taking such great photos!

Hair by @hairz.bykarz, Suit @truegentlemansupplyco