Granite Bakery & Bridal

When it comes to choosing a bakery for your wedding cake, this family owned and operated bakery comes with over 20 years of experience and a community reputation that rises above the rest.

We interviewed Granite Bakery and wanted to get their inside opinion on the trends happening today-

Q: We love the flexibility that Granite Bakery and Bridal offers in wedding cake design, what are the trends you are seeing from the brides and grooms that walk through your doors?

A: Cake trends seem to be somewhat simple these days. Traditional round shapes are all the rage. Though we can set up a cake in many ways, couples are choosing to take each layer and stack them together. Very traditional in that sense. Butter cream textures are a big trend for this season. Rustic icing, textured lines, simple dots, soft rosettes. Oh…and we never dreamed that wedding cakes would be ordered without any icing at all! As decorators that specialize in beautiful, delicious icing…we are all still in a bit of shock to send cakes to weddings that are almost blank. Naked cakes we call them. You ask and we create. The options are endless!


Q: Being a family owned & operated business, how do you think that has set you apart from national bakery chains and big box shopping center bakeries as far as price and options?

A: We have always set a competitive price. It’s part of our company mission to be affordable for every bride. Being a local family company gives us more room to customize and create your own unique cake. All the recipes for cake and icing were created by us. We make cake beautiful, but demand that it tastes delicious.


Q: How soon does one need to order a wedding cake in time for delivery and set up for the big day from Granite Bakery and Bridal?

A: No time is too early, but we prefer you order the cake at least 8 weeks prior to the wedding. Some dates are popular and our schedule fills in quickly. By coming early, you start by just saving the date. Then, you can return at a later time to finalize all the specific details. We hate saying no. If you plan ahead, you won’t be turned away.

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